Enterprise engineering course

The Master on Enterprise Engineering benefits from competences of the Enterprise Engineering research group of IMS laboratory at University of Bordeaux that is well recognized at the national and international levels in the field of industrial engineering. The research group has developed and maintained close relationships with industrial world since more than 40 years.

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Become Engineer / Consultant in Design and Improvement of Industrial and Service Systems Organisation

The Master programme is organised in one year corresponding to the semesters 9 and 10 (year 5) of the overall French university education cycle.

The training takes place in France (Bordeaux) and is dedicated to the teaching of the enterprise engineering and interoperability. The first semester (Sept.- Dec.) is concerned with lectures, exercises and practical works; the second semester (Jan.- July) is concerned with internship (in a company or research laboratory).

The lectures, exams and internship report are conducted exclusively in English.

Examination and Diplomas

The courses are sanctioned by written or oral exams, and the internship is subject to a report/memoir and a defence in front of a jury.

The students having successfully finished the studies of the Master will obtain the diploma of the Master Degree of University of Bordeaux, which is an official national diploma in France.

Main lectures include

Main lectures include:

General system theory

Quality management and control

Enterprise modelling (GRAI, IDEF0/3, BPMN,..) 

Economic evaluation technique

Production management concepts and methods

Method to implement performance indicators

MRPII, KANBAN, JIT, Inventory management

Safety and reliability

Sale forecasting methods


Supply Chain Management (SCM)

Enterprise interoperability

Project management, lean production

Enterprise frameworks and architectures

MRPII software implementation

Ontology and model transformation under MDA

Design theory, method and design innovation

Service and manufacturing servitization


This International MASTER aims at training high level executives in Enterprise System Architects capable of :

  • modelling,
  • analysing,
  • designing,
  • implementing,

organisational, technical and software application solutions to improve the performances of manufacturing and service enterprises; and working/evolving in an international professional environment, in particular in industrial co-operations across the continents.


The employments mainly concern the companies (large companies as well as SMEs) which have international industrial cooperation projects.

The job positions are situated in the sector of manufacturing industry as well as that of the services:

Managers in charge of Industrial Management (Production, Quality, Maintenance), Engineers in charge of design, development and implementation of software applications, Consultant, Project leader etc.

Conditions of admission

The International Master concerns the students having finished four years studies in an university and willing to receive a professional training in the area of Enterprise Engineering, and with the goal to develop an international career.

The admission will be decided upon diploma, the candidates are convened (if necessary) in an interview (face-to-face or via Skype).

Students who are in Master Year 1 in their university or are already finished their Master but wish a second master on Enterprise Engineering in France can apply. Our master is open to all students engaged in the scientific and technology disciplines.

To apply, please send a mail of interest to contact persons on the side. 

Registration fee:

It covers scholarship fee, social security and mutual assurances required to study and stay in France. Registration fee for international student is: 3000 €.

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